Weezer got a little weird on Kimmel (in a good way)

Weezer leaned pointy-ears first into the theme of their new SZNZ: Spring EP during their appearance on Kimmel Monday night.

Performing the single “A Little Bit of Love,” the band was surrounded by the faux flora of a cut-out Mirkwood. With Rivers Cuomo donning his elven ears, Weezer were backed by a giant bunny rabbit on mandolin.

Goofy? Absolutely. But the whole scene does fit the pastoral acoustic rock feel of Spring, so we’ll give it to them on this one. Check out Weezer’s performance of “A Little Bit of Love” on Kimmel below.

Spring is the first of a planned four-part SZNZ cycle, with each release lining up with the seasonal solstices. With Spring out now (holy crap, it’s really spring already), Summer is due on June 20th, Fall on September 22nd, and Winter arrives on December 21st. The EPs are the latest in a burst of releases from Weezer, which also includes last year’s OK Human and Van Weezer.

While playing the Weezer-themed Wordle game Weezle and waiting for Weezify to drop, fans can catch Weezer at festivals like Boston CallingBeachLifeBeale Street, and Firefly. Grab tickets here.

Source: Consequence