brad!brad!brad! Afternoons 3-7

Brad Steiner:
Brad loathes bios. Brad hates when people talk about themselves in 3rd person. Brad is tweakin. Brad was told to write a legit Bio. Brad politely declined. Brad is going to be yelled at for that decision. Brad likes to drink expensive beer.  Brad is yelled at by his wife for that poor monetary decision. Brad is a nuerotic, self-obsessed non-blogger. Brad is currently wearing a cape. Brad would like to get kicked out of a casino for winning too much money. Brad is the Worlds Leading Expert in the life of Peter Tomarkin. Brad participates in synchronized group dance during any Kenny Loggins song. Brad likes the word shsfdnvioasodfsdjfffffffff. Brad doesn’t understand why all of his pants pockets come from the store sewn together. Brad has hair plugs. Brads wife is never wrong. Brads real name is Rosenblatt. Brad doesn’t like when you do that. Stop doing that. Seriously. Stop. Brad likes to do all of his shopping on horseback. Brad stole that joke from Pat Dixon. Brad hates the guy that wears 2 polo shirts at the same time and pops both collars. Brads pet peeve is when TV and radio people ask about your pet peeves. Brad would like better gifts from listeners this year. Brad wants to cuddle with you. Yes you. Right now. Lets make this happen.


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