Waiting on a vinyl? We know who to blame.

According to Variety, an order of 500,000 copies of Adele’s upcoming new album 30 has caused major delays in vinyl pressing plants across the industry. While that’s great news for Adele, bad news for you, we don’t think Adele should take all the blame. Like most of the other current problems in your life, blame Covid-19.

In the height of the pandemic, a lot of the factories making vinyl weren’t even in full operation. In Canada this year, vinyl sales are up – an astounding 53 percent compared to last year around the same time. It’s not just Canada either. Around the world, vinyl pressing facilities are stretched to the limit with 24-hour, nearly seven-day-a-week production while still not meeting demand.

To summarize: The vinyl resurgence that began almost a decade ago has officially reached its peak.

Here is the article blaming Adele for the vinyl shortage.