Foster the People are overachievers (and we’re happy about it)

Foster the People are fresh off the release of their 10th anniversary reissue of their debut album, Torches, but the band has more material in store for their fans and we’re not talking about just one or even two albums.

Though Foster the People recently said goodbye to drummer and co-founding member Mark Pontius, his presence will be felt on one of the albums, which Mark Foster says Pontius contributed to before his departure from the band.

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This is the second single by American indie pop group Foster the People, from the band’s debut studio album Torches. The anthemic song is about the come down youngsters get, when after partying hard and getting totally wasted, they arrive back home and think: Now What?
Frontman Mark Foster told MTV News this song is his favorite from the band’s live set. “I get to run around with a guitar and bang on drums,” he laughed. “So, you know, it’s good.”