Sunday  Noon to 6 PM

T-Tom began his radio career in 1997 as part of a two-week high school internship with 92.3 WCKW.  He got a taste of the radio biz, and even some commercial time, reading the tag-line on a Chili’s commercial for their Baby Back Ribs campaign – “Stop into Chili’s toady, and see why we say, “Chili’s grill like no place else!”” He thought it was super cool to hear his own voice on the radio, and somehow he knew he would come back to it.

After a “brief” hiatus (20 years in the bar, restaurant, and nightclub biz), he made his victorious return to the radio dial at his old home, 92.3.  Also a figure in the acting world, you may have seen T-Tom as a Saints’ fan in various local and national commercials, and for killing Meep in AHS.  You’ll find him at Voodoo Fest (sometimes in costume, sometimes not), Jazz Fest (always on the last Sunday), and at shows all over town.

Different music, different name…but T-Tom is back where it all started on ALT 92.3!