Man sought in Seventh Ward fatal carjacking made bond on similar charges, had broken ankle monitor

A man accused of killing a woman in a carjacking in the Seventh Ward on Tuesday has been identified by police sources, and an arrest warrant has been issued.

NOPD is searching for Bryan Andry, 46, in connection with the fatal stabbing of Portia Pollock.

He is accused of stealing her car after killing her in front of her home.

WDSU Investigates confirmed that Andry was out on bond on similar charges when he allegedly killed Pollack.

Andry’s bond was reduced a few months ago in connection with a carjacking in the French Quarter back in 2020.

The reduced bond allowed him to leave jail.

Andry was in jail four months ago. Court records show he was arrested in June of last year for a carjacking in the 1900 block of Frenchman Street, just over a mile from where Pollack was killed.

His bond was set at $250,000 by former Judge Franz Zibilich, and Andry remained jailed.

Newly-elected Judge Angel Harris, who defeated Ziblich in a November election, reduced Andry’s bond in February to $100,000.

Andry was then able to post bond and leave jail.

In a written statement through a courthouse spokesperson, the judge said:

“The minutes from February 1, 2021, reflect the Court reduced Mr. Andry’s bond to allow him an opportunity to pursue drug rehabilitation.”

Andry was placed on an ankle monitor, which the judge claims was working.

“To my knowledge, the Court, in this case, did not receive any violation reports regarding Mr. Andry,” the court’s statement read.

Police sources confirm to WDSU that Andry’s ankle monitor is not working.

Andry is no stranger to the NOPD or the criminal justice system.

WDSU Investigates took a look at his arrest history, which dates back to 1991.

Andry was first picked up for illegal possession of stolen things and illegal possession of a firearm.

He pleaded guilty in 1998 to simple burglary and sentenced to six years.

When he got out, he was arrested multiple times in 2004. In 2005, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 15 years in jail.

Assuming he served the entire sentence, he would have been out of jail in the Spring of 2020.

New Orleans Police Department reported nine homicides, 23 non-fatal shootings and fifteen armed robberies in the past two weeks. While arrests have been made in several cases, there are still many that are unsolved.

Police Chief Shaun Ferguson said the best way to combat crime is through the public’s attentiveness. Tuesday, Ferguson said residents should stay vigilant and look out for their neighbors. And if you know something about a recent crime, call police.

Ferguson said unfortunately he does not see an end to the crime until the court system becomes fully operational again. There has been a strain on the system amid the pandemic.

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