Longtime New Orleans judge hospitalized, arrested for drunk driving

A longtime New Orleans judge who has since retired is in the hospital after his alleged involvement in a drunk driving crash, according to booking documents on the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office website.

Frank Marullo Jr, 81, is in the hospital after being injured in an accident that happened on Monday, according to Frank Desalvo, a friend of Marullo.

Jail records show Marullo is facing charges of driving while drunk, one-way- roadways and proper control of a vehicle.

Marullo was the longest-serving judge in Louisiana before being removed from the bench by the Louisiana Supreme Court after a probe by its investigative arm.

The probe involved bribery revealed in recordings of Marullo against a candidate running for judge.

In 2014, Marullo was the subject of a series of WDSU Investigates reports that turned into an FBI probe.

He was never accused of or charged with any crimes as part of that federal investigation.

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