As unemployment benefits expire, CPA Kemberley Washington has tips for those seeking employment

The additional $600 unemployment benefits are set to expire Friday.

Congress has not decided if this amount will be extended in the near future.

CPA Kemberley Washington gives tips for those seeking employment.

For those who are still seeking employment, what should individuals know concerning insurance?

  • If you lost your job’s health insurance, you may now qualify for insurance through It provides a special enrollment period for those who lost their jobs. Individuals may be eligible for special credits to reduce the cost of the premiums.
  • You may also be available for Medicaid or Children’s Health Insurance Program depending on your situation.

If federal unemployment benefits are not continued in the near future, and later an agreement is made, what can these individuals expect?

  • Amounts will possibly be paid retroactive.
  • While the additional $600 may not be extended at this time, for those still unemployed, they will continue to receive their regular state’s unemployment amount.

When it comes to money management and budgeting, what steps should individuals take?

  • Look for creative ways to reduce expenses.
  • Determine whether any expenses can be removed from your budget.
  • Consider shared expense options, such as roommates.

What steps should individuals take to ensure they are able to increase their income during this time if they have had trouble finding a job?

  • Consider applying for at least three jobs daily.
  • Reach out to those within and outside of your circle — seeking employment opportunities.
  • Consider jobs such as ride sharing, roommates, starting a small business or pursuing your passion to see where it goes.

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