Oasis gets it. And they wanna help.

The band Oasis must understand the struggle when it comes to people having to subscribe to the various streaming platforms as they’re offering fans a month long free trial to Paramount+ to encourage them to watch their new documentary which highlights the band’s historic two-night residency at the Knebworth House in England in 1996.
From now until November 30th, new subscribers can use the code OASIS and access the film — and everything else in the streaming platform’s library — for free.

The original title of this song was “Wishing Stone.” Noel Gallagher recounted in 2013 that the name came from a girl who he took back to his hotel room. “She had this stone in her pocket that she insisted I had,” he said. “I thought what a great title, and the song came out of that.”

The song was called “Wishing Stone” for a long time until one day Gallagher was listening to George Harrison’s Wonderwall Music album; he thought, “Brilliant, I’ve got a Beatles connection!”