MGK is mad. But he also dropped a new song.

Would you rather MGK the rapper? Or MGK the rocker?
It seems you aren’t the only person confused about the genre flip-flop of Machine Gun Kelly.

Fresh off the release of his latest single “Papercuts,” MGK had some strong words for his critics via his TikTok:

“Me: Drops a rock song — ‘Oh he doesn’t do rap anymore!’ Me: Drops a rap song — ‘Oh he doesn’t do rock anymore!” he says as he imitates the back-and-forth of his listeners.

Not gonna lie, his new single “Papercuts” is pretty good. In our opinion it’s the best song he’s dropped since converting to rock.
*NSFW lyrics*


Definitely not a rap song by the way.
It also seems like Blink-182’s Travis Barker is a permanent fixture in MGK’s rock world.
How do we know? They got matching tattoos to announce that his sixth studio album will be called Born With Horns, produced by Barker.
*NSFW language*