Meet Your 2021 ALT Tastemakers

Meet the 2021 ALT Tastemakers!


    Kody might’ve had many many nicknames in high school buuuut now he’s got a new one! TASTEMAKER NUMBER FIVE. Or 5 for short. So if you see him at The Fillmore for Rise Against! or Champions Square for 3 Doors Down and Seether, just yell out TASTEMAKER NUMBER FIVE and maybe he’ll turn around. Maybe. Kody is a DEDICATED ALT 92.3 listener who cares about the environment. He writes codewords and digits to the ALT vALT on empty toilet paper rolls. He gets every use out of that tree.


  • Hailing from Metry, it’s Jennifer James! Listening to ALT 92.3 is a family matter with Jennifer. She and her mom listen all the time! Like we always say “the best way to bond with family is by listening to ALT 92.3” — we say it ALL THE TIME. Listen, Jennifer is no stranger to winning. She wins the GOOD stuff too! Ever heard of The Revivalists, Papa Roach, or The Struts? Yep. All bands that she’s seen for $0.00 because she listens to and loves ALT 92.3. She also does the necessary things she needs to win things. Like we always say “You can’t win if you don’t do the things”. We say that all the time. Let’s all welcome Jennifer with a slow clap!

  • Probably the most artistic out of our ALT 92.3 Tastemakers, it’s Francis Wong yall! When Daniel Merry first called Francis to inform him that he was an ALT 92.3 Tastemaker, he was in disbelief! Probably because Daniel first texted him saying “I’ve been trying to reach you regarding your vehicles extended warranty…” which kinda explains why Francis almost hung up. It took some serious convincing, but he eventually realized that Daniel isn’t that funny and that he was actually our 8th tastemaker. Francis has an eclectic taste in music and LOVES bands like Modest Mouse so if you see him at The Fillmore on October 12th, be sure to say “HEY TASTEMAKER FRANCIS!”

  • If the DiMarco last name is familiar, then we don’t know what to tell you. But we know why that last name is familiar to us! Elena and her sisters are some contest entering maniacs! The winningest of them all though, Elena. And even if Elena doesn’t win tickets to her favorite concert, you better believe you’ll see her smiling face in the crowd anyway. She’s already given us a list of all the bands she hopes to see by being an ALT 92.3 Tastemaker aaaand the list is extensive. She’s got REAL good taste in music and high expectations. Well Elena, let’s see if we can meet those expectations!


    Cory is an avid listener who works in the service industry in New Orleans. He said he’s constantly preaching the gospel of ALT 92.3 and that’s pretty badass. One thing he doesn’t do is social media. He’s not a fan of it. But he is a fan of live music and free stuff. Luckily for him, he’s the first ALT 92.3 Tastemaker! Cory is our favorite type of winner. The kind that has NO idea what kind of contest he entered! The best part about that was to hear how stoked he was when he found out what it meant to be one of #TheElite9. Dude was PUMPED and so are we.

  • Coker initially started listening to ALT 92.3 because of The Woody Show. So you already know this dude has exquisite taste in things, which is why he listens at least 5-6 hours a day. That’s dedication. The first thing Coker said when Daniel Merry told him he was the 2nd ALT 92.3 Tastemaker was “Oh WHAT! Now I gotta start thinking about the question I want to ask Mike Shinoda!” – that’s thinking ahead. *Spoiler alert* He asked a pretty great question. See the interview on our YouTube! WAIT! You ready for this? His fiancé Jessica has NEVER BEEN TO A CONCERT. Wellllllll, that’s about to change. If Coker makes her his +1 that is.

  • ALI. FRIGGIN. SANCHEZ. Is probably our biggest social media friend so it’s only fitting that she won the right to be called an ALT 92.3 Tastemaker. She definitely puts the “taste” in tastemaker, too. You know what she brought to the studio one day? COOKIES. DELICIOUS COOKIES. Ali’s father owns a music store in Baton Rouge so the love for music runs deep. She knows what she likes so it’s kind of a big deal that she chooses to listen to ALT 92.3. Ali hangs with us almost all day and truly cares about every aspect of ALT 92.3 and you know what? We care right back.

  • Voted “Best hair amongst the Tastemakers” by a very bald Daniel Merry, Zach Angelle never gave up on being a Tastemaker. Even when we called 8 people before him, he still persisted. An actual message we got from Zach -> “I WILL BE ONE OF THOSE LAST TWO!” He put it into the universe and BOOM. That kind of dedication and determination is gonna lead him to glory. What kind of glory? No idea. Ever heard of a town called Cecilia? Us neither, but that’s where Zach lives and unless he’s just being a nice guy, Cecilia loves ALT 92.3! And we love them back! Be sure to say “GOOD EVENING NUMBER NINE” when you see Zach out & about probably wearing an ALT 92.3 shirt.

  • Stephanie is lucky. L U C K Y. It’s very possible she holds the record for most contests won! Even though she’s no stranger to winning contests, she was still PUMPED when we told her she was an official ALT 92.3 Tastemaker! When we tell you she’s a cool mom, we mean it. Most kids get random toys that their mom brings back from grocery shopping, you know the one, like the mini basketball goal… on the beans and ketchup aisle… well STEPHANIE GOT HER KID MEET AND GREET TICKETS TO TWENTY ONE PILOTS. He was pumped. Cool kid, too. Well Stephanie, hope you’re not numb to winning stuff. 2021 is gonna be good to you!