ALT 92.3 Pajama Jams


ALT 92.3 presents PAJAMA JAMS live from the House of Blues New Orleans beginning January 20. Check out a list of some of the bands performing below. Head to the House of Blues Facebook Page to watch!

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  • Riding the wave of nostalgia into your heart and then sticking around with a modern twist, Sorry Ghost has the perfect recipe for “pop-punk comfort food” and sonically fresh tunes that will leave you humming all day.

  • “Mike Doussan’s story is intrinsic to the human condition. There’s pain and pleasure, grit and grace, but much like the city of New Orleans and music itself, true beauty rises from chaos. His songs are proof.” -(Brett Hutchins

    Mike Doussan, a New Orleans native, started playing guitar at the age 8 and made his way into the New Orleans club scenes in 2004 at the age of 24. With guitar in hand he walked into different clubs with the intent of playing a couple of tunes with whomever was on stage. He then became a regular at The Apple Barrel playing blues with Mike Hood and the Frenchmen St. Delegation, at Banks St. Bar playing funk with New Orleans Juice, and anywhere Eric Lindell was taking stage with his blue-eyed soul ensemble. It wasn’t long before he fronted his own band, West Bank Mike and the Fisher Project. Rooted in New Orleans funk and blues, the Fisher Project would go on to win Best Blues Band at the 2006 Sonny Boy Blues Society’s “Battle of the Bands.” 

    Muse in the Kitchen, Doussan’s first album was recorded at Word Of Mouth Studios in historic Algiers Point in 2005. The last note being recorded just two days before Hurricane Katrina devastated the city. Luckily, the music was saved and the album was released in 2006. 

    Doussan then recorded Sin or Salvation at the Living Room Studio on the New Orleans West Bank. Each track draws on varying influences of rock, funk, country, but all comes together to be an unmistakingly New Orleans sound. Five weeks before its release in March 2014 the Doussan family experienced a tragedy that fundamentally changed Mike’s perspective. His brother, Brett Doussan, died by suicide. The song “Spend the Night” was co-written by Mike and Brett along with Dave Jordan and the late Jamie Galloway.

    Following the release of Sin Or Salvation and the untimely death of his brother, Doussan joined Dave Jordan and the NIA full time as lead guitarist.  During his tenure with the NIA, Doussan played a central role in the writing and recording of the NIA’s 2016 release, No Losers Tonight.  After 4+ years of touring and recording with the NIA, Doussan decided it was time to move on and revisit his own writing and solo career.

    In August 2017, Mike Doussan teamed up with Roxy Bergeron of CSB Roxy Music and Bassist/Producer Charlie Wooton to record a collection of all new original songs that were recorded in Music Shed Studios in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans. Grammy-winning engineer Eric Heigle (Arcade Fire, Lost Bayou Ramblers) was then brought in to mix the record along with Grammy-nominated engineer Pete Lyman (Brandi Carlile, Jason Isbell, John Prine) for the final task of mastering at Infrasonic Sound in Nashville. 

    Yesterday’s Troubles was released May 2019.

    Over the past 5 years since his brother’s death, Doussan has been working in advocacy and fundraising for both suicide prevention and mental health awareness. His mother, Lisa, along with friends and family, started up a non-profit called the Brett Thomas Doussan Foundation. The foundation’s mission is to raise mental health awareness through advocacy, education, and music.

    Mike is married to his wife of ten years, Maggie, and he has three children. They reside in New Orleans.  

  • What does it mean to be iconic? It’s something greater than excellence, and more fundamental and resonant than perfection. An icon doesn’t just stand for something – it encapsulates its essence and transmits that essence to its audience.

     The members of LVVRS (pronounced “lovers”) wouldn’t call themselves iconic, but their casual confidence makes it clear that they possess what it takes to be so. They understand the power that iconic status confers, and they’re ready to chase the glory. “Iconic,” their aptly-titled new single, sounds big and sleek, catchy, punchy, and immediate; it’s a sonic expression of extreme self-confidence.

     Despite humble beginnings in Acadiana, the humid, verdant, tree-shrouded Southern region of Louisiana, LVVRS developed a sound that would play anywhere. The group performs with the power and conviction of modern rockers, but they’ve also got the precision, meticulousness, and attention towards sonic detail suggestive of major pop artists.

  • Spylights is an original alternative rock band from New Orleans, La. 

    The project was started in 2016 as the brainchild of singer songwriter Vincent Giovanni and incorporates a blend of many different styles of alternative, rock, synthwave, and metal into their music.


    After a long search for the right musicians to fit the band’s sound, the right pieces for the band’s DNA puzzle were found through friends within the local music scene.


    They have since then released their debut EP in 2019, a music video, and have played shows in the New Orleans area with local and National artists such as Haken and a Thank You Scientist!


    The band will be recording their new single in early 2021 with world renowned producer Taylor Larson (Periphery, I See Stars, Jason Richardson, Asking Alexandria) and will be releasing their second Ep in 2021!

  • Lily in the Weeds merges psychedelic blues with garage pscyh to delve deep into all those aural spaces.

  • Them Ol’ Ghosts are a Southern Soul Rock & Roll band from New Orleans, Louisiana.
    Drawing inspiration from the endearing charm of a constant South Louisiana backdrop and the rich cultural amalgamator that is New Orleans, their sound is a familiar yet novel offering to American songwriting; catchy and straight-forward, yet always laced with just the right amount of substance and complexity. 

    Their music adopts elements of Soul, Blues, and Rock & Roll. From raw and honest Soul ballads where candid storytelling and emotional transparency takes the helm, to anthemic and progressive, guitar driven arrangements wreathed with impassioned vocals, Them Ol’ Ghosts aim to always remain genuine, pure in intent, and forever from the heart.