Areas of Vicksburg, Mississippi hit hard by possible tornado

A strong line of storms moved through central Mississippi on Saturday evening, spawning possible tornadoes.

Pemberton Square in Vicksburg, near Kroger, suffered significant damage. The roof of the gas station outside Kroger was torn off, and cars in the parking lot were damaged.

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“So far, we’ve got about 1,700 people without power. It hit this area right here and it just devastated and sucked these buildings out. There were people in it, but we were very, very lucky — nobody got hurt,” said Alderman Alex Monsour. “This guy’s got a two-by-fourstuck in his tire, and he was sitting in it. It’s amazing that all this happened, devastation, and nobody got hurt. We are blessed in Vicksburg.”

There were also several reports of trees and power lines down in Warren County. Hundreds were without power.

“Downed power lines, trees and flooding continue to block streets and make travel extremely dangerous,” Vicksburg Mayor George Flaggs said. “Unless you absolutely must be out, stay off of all roadways. City of Vicksburg officials are working around the clock to ensure public safety.”

Trees and power lines were also down in the Flora area.

The storm prompted tornado warnings at about 4 p.m. Saturday. Warnings continued across central Mississippi until they expired at 6:30 p.m.

Mississippi residents saw hail as large as golf balls in some areas.

The threat of severe weather was expected to continue until late Saturday night, 16 WAPT chief meteorologist David Hartman said.

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